If I have to pick only two names which are globally recognized from India, then these are:

1) Samosa: Samosa comes from the Middle East. It was a popular dish in the Middle East and they used to eat it with filled dry fruits/meat. But it entered in India when Middle East rulers invaded Indian subcontinent. With time, Samosa was customised and Indians fill it with potatoes, salt and spices. The Samosa which we could find today anywhere in the world is an Indian version of Samosa. Indians boast to own it, but in reality, it is not.

2) Tea (Chai): Majority of Indians and British people can’t imagine their life without a cup of tea. But tea arrived in India from China during British rule. In early days drinking tea was part of an aristocratic family and considered to be a status symbol. With passing time Indians mixed tea with milk and sugar. It was a cultural mix. The Masala Tea which we see today in many countries around the world is an Indian version. But originally tea was in use in China without milk and sugar. Only leaves with hot water.

And use of tea came into picture in China to not fall asleep while practicing meditation

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