This list could be very long but a few are here:

1) Practicing Solidarity: It should be our lifestyle, and we should practice this virtue in our daily life. From helping someone at the workplace to neighbours to strangers. This small habit could spread positivity inside and outside world. More people do this better this world will be.

2) Walk with nature: Find time to go for a long walk, and if possible, walk alone. If possible walk between trees, inside the park or somewhere close to nature. Take a deep breath and smell the wind passing through the trees and leaves, observe plants and flowers. Enjoy the sunshine there and listen to the birds. Nature is always with peace and blesses us with harmony. Nature is kind and always sharing. This long walk could help you to connect with your inner self.

3) Love yourself: Before start loving others first start loving yourself. How can you fall in love with someone unless you love yourself? Your soul is your first stop and the temple. Please love yourself and bow towards your soul.

4) Dine with neighbours: Out of your busy schedule make it sure that you find time to have a dinner with your neighbours. Dutch celebrate National Neighbours’ Day every year on the 26th May. It is very important to connect with people who are living next to you rather than keep meeting friends online. Appreciate your neighbours and find some time for them in the midst of your busy life. They are the ones who will be around you when life plays tough on you.

5) Accept yourself: Accept yourself the way you are. Say ‘Thanks’ umpteen times to mother earth and people around you for this beautiful human life. Every individual’s journey on this earth is unique, and we should accept this wholeheartedly, so, ourselves.

By: Chit Dubey – author of a book ’21 Doors to Happiness’.

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