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Chit Dubey is an author, meditation teacher, public speaker and a consultant in the technology sector. In the past decade, he has experienced many different areas of life. At the peak of his corporate career when he was given the opportunity to work in the USA, he quit his job for two years and lived a nomad life within India. He was in search of himself during this phase of his life. Later he tried writing and acting in the Bollywood film industry, but with time he realised this was not what he wanted from life. He then volunteered for four months full-time with an NGO (India Against Corruption) in Mumbai, which was running India’s biggest sociopolitical movement at that time. He organised many protests in Mumbai and handled the social media campaign for the Mumbai team. With this organisation he had an opportunity to work with some nationally known sociopolitical activists, and it helped him to understand the sociopolitical world. Later he moved to the African continent and worked in four different countries, followed by living and working in Spain and the UK.

With the help of his spiritual master, Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali he realised that spirituality was the one subject closest to his heart and started teaching meditation and giving lectures on spirituality in Tanzania and the UK.

As a meditation teacher, he blends the ancient wisdom to the modern world. He teaches meditation techniques from India, Tibet, China, Japan and many other countries. Working and living in USA & Europe has helped him to understand the Eastern and Western culture and its social-conditioning.

He offers personal consultations in-person, on Skype, and by invitation gives public lectures.

Chit is well-travelled, has lived in many countries around the world and through this he unlearned, learned, experienced and decided to share his observations of life through his writings, teaching meditation, and public lectures.

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