'Happiness and Peace are within us. We need to seek inside.'
Chit Dubey


your true potential to live a peaceful and happy life.
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Transforming lives of people through inner transformation.

About the author

Chit Dubey is an author, meditation teacher, public speaker and a consultant in the technology sector. In the past decade, he has experienced many different areas of life. At the peak of his corporate career when he was given the opportunity to work in the USA, he quit his job for two years and lived a nomad life within India. He was in search of himself during this phase of his life…

21 Doors to Happiness Life through Travel Experiences and meditation.

The first book of its kind, 21 Doors to Happiness covers 21 diverse subjects from travel, wealth, relationships, racial issues, climate change and wars to spirituality. It uses many real incidents from Asia, Africa, Europe and America to explain this beautiful world.

21 Doors to Happiness offers a unique combination of wisdom with engaging stories, where each chapter ends with a simple exercise to find peace and happiness. It does not lecture, but gifts you 21 simple, unique meditation techniques (sutras) for a daily life. Happiness is inside you. You just need to dive deeper and observe it. You have every potential to live a peaceful and fruitful life. Life is about love, compassion, and freedom.


Nathassia Devine, conscious electronic music artist

Nathassia Devine, conscious electronic music artist

 ‘A very positive outlook to life and how the world could be a better place in words that all can understand.’

Mayank Gandhi, Indian social reformer

Mayank Gandhi, Indian social reformer

‘Interesting and inspiring. Especially, the real life stories mirror the learning.’

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